Duolingo English Test (DET)



Course Description

The Duolingo language proficiency test provides the convenience of online accessibility, enabling individuals to take the test from anywhere with an internet connection. This seamless access ensures convenience and flexibility for test-takers worldwide.

What You’ll Learn From Us?

  • Listening Comprehension – We assist students in cultivating skills to tackle diverse question types, from short conversations to audio passages. Through practice and guidance, they acquire effective strategies to respond accurately within the typical time limit of 10-15 minutes, thereby enhancing their overall performance.

  • Reading Comprehension – Training is essential for success in this section. With practice and support, test-takers develop skills to understand written language and tackle different question types efficiently within the 10-15 minute time limit.

  • Writing Skills – Training is crucial for high scores in this section. With practice, individuals refine their written language skills. Guided instruction helps them tackle tasks efficiently, like crafting responses and translating sentences. With consistent training, test-takers excel within the 15-20 minute time limit, boosting their scores.

  • Speaking Skills – Preparation is essential for high scores in this section. With practice and expert guidance, individuals refine their oral communication skills, mastering tasks like recording responses and engaging confidently. With consistent preparation, students excel within the 10-15 minute time frame, leading to top scores.