Occupational English Test (OET)



Course Description

The OET is recognized and trusted by healthcare organizations and regulatory bodies worldwide. It assesses the language proficiency of healthcare professionals in real-life healthcare settings, ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary English language skills to communicate effectively and provide safe and quality care to patients

What You’ll Learn From Us?

  • Listening – We aid the candidate in mastering the Listening section by familiarizing them with the test format with the assistance of healthcare-related vocabulary, effective strategies, time –management and providing feedback for improvement.

  • Reading – At Knack, we specialize in mastering vital reading skills like skimming, scanning, and understanding detailed information. Our methods focus on efficiency, timely feedback, and personalized guidance to boost confidence and readiness for success.

  • Writing – Training helps candidates to effectively communicate in written English within a healthcare context within a given time frame, Understanding test requirements and employing addition and omission techniques strategically ensure concise yet comprehensive responses, crucial for success.

  • Speaking – We guide and support candidates to excel in the speaking component of the OET exam. Our approach involves brushing up their medical knowledge alongside linguistic skills, while also honing task-specific strategies. Through this comprehensive training, candidates not only boost their confidence but also enhance their ability to score high by effectively demonstrating their language proficiency in healthcare scenarios.